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IR 3-2-1

IR-Series  with adjustable headrests

        • Model “IR” available in real leather 
        • CONSTRUCTION – For the construction we use only proper materials with adequate strength to ensure long-term use. Main parts of the sofa made of a solid wood , plywood and chipboards
        • SEATS – made of wave springs & solid high elastic furniture foam  , which gives sufficient hardness , so after use does not deform and does not collapse under the pressure of human weight
        • STITCHING – Our furniture is characterized by very solid and beautiful threads 
        • Model “IR” has a sensational seven-stage adjustable headrests that allow you to achieve great comfort from the backrest.
        • In the “IR” collection we also offer matching pouf
        • Note: In the case of models from the “IR” series, we are not a producer, but only a distributor, therefore this model is available only in real leathers MDR type , from the color palette shown in the gallery below.
      Dimensions :
      • 3-seater  – 194cm
      • 2-seater  – 164cm
      • armchair – 104cm


IR  – Natural leather  MDR Madras  Price  EURO 
Sofa 3os “IR” 205cm without sleeping function 1000
Sofa 2os “IR” 164cm without sleeping function 900
Armchair “IR”

Pouffe ”IR” 60x 60 cm