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Armchair OSLO FS


  • Available upholstery materials – genuine leathers
    • FRAME –  for the production of our furniture , we use a suitable material selected in durability and strength. Several years of experience in the furniture industry has allowed us to eliminate the technical solutions that could fail. For the manufacturing of the frame we use hardwood (beechwood), only in places where there is a flat area (side to side armrest, back) we use proper chipboard and fibreboard.
    • FOAM  – a mixture of highly elastic deformation resistant foam , chosen so as to maintain a balance between comfort in use and durability.
    • SEWNG THREADS – thread made of 100% silk, polyester, has a very high resistance to tearing, Steering stability, excellent resistance to abrasion. Meet all quality criteria, which should have a new product.
    • This model is available in  sets with  single sofas for example 3-2-1 , 3-1-1 ,  3-1 , 2-1 etc as You wish .


Armchair  width 95cm

Leather  MDR , Hermes 485
Leather  Toledo , Mondial , Antique 540
Leather  Venice & Natur, Massif, Granada 595